We design and build great looking and affordable websites using latest technologies and frameworks.


We offer end to end application design and development services for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile devices.


We offer full range of database development services and work with all traditional SQL as well as NoSQL databases.


We offer advanced reporting solutions that help businesses make informed financial and operational decisions.


Our Services

Software Development

Superior quality at reasonable cost

Sermik delivers software solutions for real business needs utilizing the most appropriate agile code delivery methodologies and works close with the client to ensure that both internal and external teams can collaborate seamlessly together.

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

Business transparency and informed accurate decision making

Sermik Data Warehousing services include helping client organization to plan, prioritize, design, implement, and deploy Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. Behind the fancy words stands a great business value which gives the management of the organization the tools needed to run their business more efficiently and discover new opportunities.

Project Management

More time to focus on strategic company activities

Sermik project managers can take on the responsibility of delivering a project from start to finish or can manage just a specific set of deliverables. We work with our clients to help reduce the burden on their internal resources. In our approach we extensively use agile project management methodologies and adhere to the PMI principles. Our goal with every project is to deliver a quality product on time and on budget.

Application Modernization

Reduced cost and improved competitiveness

Many organizations generally explore ways to leverage the strength of their legacy applications while attempting to improve their accessibility, reduce cost and increase competitiveness. Sermik can help:

Analyze and review the current legacy application. As a result the expert team will provide an opinion as well as the roadmap for the migration to a newer platform and technology.

Work closely with the client on the migration making sure that the end user is affected in the least way possible.

Testing and QA

Reduced cost and more time to focus on strategic company activities

We act as your QA department; we work closely with your internal team and define QA procedures, standards and testing strategy that include: process auditing and improvement; issues tracking and correction; performance and load testing; unit testing.


Following trends and up to date
  • Custom Software Development
  • Legacy Application Modernization
  • Software Maintenance and Support
  • Agile Development
  • Front End
  • Back End

Sermik has been creating customized software solutions for the automotive industry for many years. We have worked with all the facets of the dealership's (or dealer group) life cycle including sales, F&I (finance & insurance) office, repair and maintenance department, customer retention initiatives, performance tracking, dealer-owned reinsurance companies and various dealer integration projects with third-party solution providers. The dealerships that we worked with include not only automotive but also RV, power sports and marine dealers. We understand how dealerships work. With every new engagement we listen carefully to our client's needs and deliver quality solution, often exceeding client's expectations, at a very competitive cost.

Sermik has been working extensively with dealers, dealer groups, third party administrators (TPA), automotive solution providers, insurance companies and insurance agencies. We possess in-house expertise and in-depth understanding of the warranty, warranty management and aftermarket products industry. We have been delivering innovative IT solutions for the industry for many years and have helped many of our clients with increasing their revenues, reducing costs, gaining new business and integrating with other industry players, to make their internal operations more efficient. We have also delivered advanced online reporting solutions, which play a key role for the stakeholders in staying connected and informed about the performance of their business.

Sermik specialize in IT solutions specific to the insurance industry. We have experience developing complete administration systems, as well as modular components for policy administration, rates management, reinsurance, commissions and disbursement management, risk management and claims processing. Having a top notch IT system in place is of paramount importance for the insurance companies in the today's extremely competitive environment. We can help with automation of processes, improving time to market, reduce operational costs and help gain better insight into the business operational side by delivering advanced reporting and analytical solutions.

Sermik has been successfully serving clients in the banking and wealth management industries. The solutions that we deliver utilize latest state-of-the-art technologies and are fast, flexible, customizable, user-friendly and appealing to the eye. We understand that performance and reliability are of paramount importance for the industry with sensitive data and time critical functionality which also has to be fail-proof. Our subject matter expertise in the industry combined with other top-notch technical talent make Sermik a very unique niche IT solutions provider.

Sermik has been working extensively with media and entertainment companies that deliver their content and interact with their user base and subscribers using Internet. From overall web solutions architecture implementation down to very technical low-level implementations, such as codec, video and sound file online editing and collaboration, Sermik has done it all. We can deliver simple as well as sophisticated solutions for social networks and other interactive online communities.

Sermik has a successful track record of delivering innovative and lean IT solutions for the manufacturing industry. Sermik has been helping companies reduce their operational and overhead costs as well as increase productivity. We help our clients achieve continuous improvement and enhance their overall operational experience. Sophisticated business intelligence and data warehousing solutions help bring insight into the revenue and cost trends as well as gain understanding of the causes of quality issues or logistical problems.

Sermik has been creating and delivering customized software solutions for the survey services industry for many years. The Sermik team has been working extensively with internal operations, marketing and product teams. The solutions include performance center portal, customized website, data management system, sales tracking portal, internal verification system with functions and services performed in the cloud and connected with the voice, text, email and phone calls functions/services. Our solutions utilize the latest technologies and are fast, flexible and user-friendly.

Cloud & Virtualization & Data Storage
Commercial Platforms

Sermik, LLC was founded on the idea of helping companies of any size improve operations and grow their business by offering quality innovative solutions at a reduced cost. With strategically positioned development and project management offices in the United States and Europe, Sermik is able to offer premium level services while at the same time providing a way to reduce costs and stay within a budget. In addition to technical and subject matter expertise, what sets Sermik apart is the focus on the customer real business needs and dedication to customer's success. Easy communication, flexibility in collaboration and engineering processes, caring about real customer goals and building long-term relationships, this is what makes working with Sermik easy and productive. Having had a chance to work with Sermik once, customers tend to continue using its services for many years.

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